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Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

This is about Areida's older sister. The thing that annoyed me about this book is that in Ella Enchanted Areida's mother gets really nervous when Prince Char visits, but in this one she's not flustered at all when the Prince of her own country comes by. Also, Areida was hardly in it, and there was a cheesy. cop-out blurb at the end about her. The story was creative, but Aza is not nearly as interesting as Ella. I really did like the ending sentence, I think; in Ella Enchanted I'm almost positive it ends somewhat like "With laughter and love, we lived happily ever after." This one ended with "With song and love," and I just really liked that parallel, if I'm correct in memory.

Anyway. That's all.

Overall, it was decent. Not nearly as good as Ella Enchanted, but still a decent read. If you've read Ella Enchanted you should read it, if only so that I have someone to whine talk to about it.
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