Beep Beep (verystrangename) wrote,
Beep Beep

Stolen From Megan's Journal (segment junior year)

This is what you do. Take ten songs off your playlist and add "In my pants" at the end of them for instant immature entertainment!

1. Anna Nalick -- Wreck of the Day In My Pants
2. Speechwriter's LLc -- Or Something In My Pants
3. Alien Ant Farm -- Attitute In My Pants
4. Dirty Vegas -- Simple Things In My Pants
5. Elton John -- Crocodile Rock In My Pants
6. Nat King Cole -- Put 'Em In A Box (Tie 'Em With A Ribbon) In My Pants
7. A Perfect Circle -- Gravity In My Pants
9. Jason Mraz -- Burning Bridges In My Pants
10. A Perfect Circle -- Lullaby In My Pants

This was a little too perfect to pass up...:

11. Snow Patrol -- You Could Be Happy In My Pants

Okay, so I'm easily amused.
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