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In response to recent secret sharing

Throughout highschool, I was commonly regarded -- by at least some of you, my friendly live journal friends -- as malicious, foolish, manipulative, crazy, egotistical, arrogant and/or evil. I've heard these words used by you, to my face and behind my back (through others and when you thought I wasn't there or listening). Do I regard myself as these things? For the most part, no...(for some, part, no? It's debateable.) However. It must be accepted that if the majority thinks this of me, this is (or was?) obviously the way I came off. My point is this: If you think your friends hit you over the head with the same negative criticism of your personalities again and again during the secret meme, instead of arguing with it -- instead of defending yourself -- instead of justifying it -- if it really bothers you, why don't you step back and consider why your friends think this of you?

If what they say isn't true, or doesn't fit with your self perception, why don't you think about what you did to lend to misinterpretation? Right now, you have a choice: you can be very upset about things, and blow them off as malicious, or you can accept that the points have some merit. You can even take a step beyond and accept that we are all our own people, theoretically, and we have our own flaws. You may as well love your flaws -- you're stuck with them no matter what you feel about them, whether or not you accept their existence.

The obvious defence to this is that I can't talk because nobody said anything mean on mine. So okay. For this one post, I will change this to a Let's Criticize Jenny Meme. I don't think it's cowardly to post critical things anonymously and, quite frankly, I can't imagine that anything negative can be said about me that I haven't heard before.

I've turned off my ip address logger. Please don't respond anonymously if you're responding to the content of the post.
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